A Student’s Point of View – Facing Fears

N358TW-150x150  Let’s talk about what almost every flight student will experience…facing a fear. While the fear may differ from student to student, the new experience of controlling this hunk of metal that’s hurling through the air will cause thoughts in the back of your mind to stir.   For me, the concept of stalls was gripping. When you think of a stall, it’s simple – the aircraft is no longer generating enough lift (and in my own mind beginning a plummet towards the earth). This petrified me.  However, like most fears, education and experience faded it into nothing. My CFI set us up for a stall (I’d been dreading the stall day since our first meeting) and as we climbed I start to hear the stall horn scream, higher, and higher, until gravity wins our short battle. He talks me through nosing the aircraft down and the stall was over as fast as it began. My fear started to subside, until he told me it was my turn to put it into a stall.  So here we go again..up and up and now I’m in control.  I hear the horn start to scream and we start to sink again – with a quick push we’re flying just like normal again.  While stalls may not be your particular fear, it goes without saying that having a knowledgable CFI in the right seat helps alleviate even the largest fears. It’s always best not to be proud, explain your fears and your CFI will help you overcome them in safe and controlled environment sending you on your way to be a better pilot.